Thursday, August 19, 2010

Another Day in the Real Raw Rattie Family

Cat was gone all day at work and when she returned, Zuko was rabid! No, not really! But he wad biting the cage wires of his home with his teeth: "Let me OUT OF HERE!" his action was saying!!

Cat let him out and he followed her around. He could smell the sweet potatoes cooking and he wanted FOOD!! Cat gave him a piece of walnut, some lettuce, sprouted buckwheat and a few pumpkin and sunflower seeds. He grabbed the walnut and ran to eat it behind the kitchen cart. Cat had left his bowl in his home and he checked it out but quickly came back. He wanted the sweet potato! Cat mashed it up, adding in some Himalayan sea salt and Udo's 369 oil, and then gave him some. It was still a little hot and when he refused to follow his instincts (he should've felt the heat in his paws when he took the food) and put it in his mouth. His paws flung up: "Too hot! Too hot!" Cat laughed; silly, Zuko! You're too quick and impatient, just wait and it'll cool down soon!

Cat tried to offer some agave to Mille, but he forcefully pushed it away. Daddy noticed the other day that Mille seems to have strong emotions. He's going through a hard time, the poor Pumpkin-boy. Cat caught him later stealing some of Zuko's sweet potato- a no-no food for Mille.Cat tried take it away, but it was too late. He had eaten it already. Cat separated Mille in his home cage and left Zuko to play outside. Mille had a great supper of Sweet Superfood Cereal: buckwheaties with almond milk and mesquite,yacon, lucuma, maca, and alkaline whey (Daddy, Mr. Naturopath,says this whey is alkaline and does not cause acidity in the blood).

And so, as another evening passes by, Cat wonders how the night will find the REAL RAW RATTIES: a lazin' about, "Garfield" Mille, enjoying another night of fresh air by the patio door... Zuko, busy investigating and ripping and tearing some box or other in the recycling bin...and Cat and Daddy, both tired after a long day, snuggling together and watching a movie... and counting how many times Zuko climbs the barrier to come and explore the big world in the living room, say hello to Cat and Daddy (and maybe even have the chance to sneak into the bathroom and steal and tissue out of the garbage!!). OH ZUKO! No,those computer wires do NOT need holes in them! Nor do the books in the office!!...

Another day passes by in the lives of the REAL RAW RATTIE FAMILY...

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